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Corrupt public servants must be declared anti-nationals: High Court
29 March 2019

Judge says that corruption is an obstacle to development

Likening non-corrupt judges and public servants to the minority group of Pandavas in the epic Mahabaratha and the corrupt to Kauravas, the Madras High Court on Thursday wished the battle against corruption wins and the corrupt get declared anti-nationals because they obstruct the development of the country.

Justice S.M. Subramaniam, in one of his judgments, said: “When it is realised that corruption is the obstacle for developmental activities of our great nation, what kind of designation one can offer. Certainly such persons are anti-nationals. When terrorists are declared anti-social elements, corrupt should also be declared as anti-nationals.”

“These anti nationals do not care about the development of our great nation. They are interested in their self-development alone. Nothing wrong in wanting to become rich,” he said.

Infringement on rights

“However, the process adopted for achieving one’s ambition or goal must not affect the interests of the nation and infringe the rights of co-citizens,” Justice Subramaniam added.

“Thus, corruption in judiciary is the greatest enemy to the Constitution and judiciary must also initiate drastic measures in order to control corruption in various forms,” Justice Subramaniam added.

His general observations on all pervasive corruption were made while dismissing the plea of a suspended Village Administrative Officer (VAO) charged of corruption.

The judge said, almost every person feels the pinch of corruption right from the day his mother walks into a government hospital with him in her womb and it continues till his death.

“The worst form of corruption is that different amounts of bribe is demanded depending upon the sex of the child. After birth, parents have to bribe educational authorities in schools and colleges... It is unfortunate and painful to state that sexual favours are demanded in lieu of bribe in educational institutions and public offices... Large scale corruption, though noticed, are not prosecuted. For that also, bribes are offered,” the judge lamented.

‘Way of life’

Pointing out that corrupt officials were functioning even in the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption, Justice Subramaniam said, corruption had become a way of life for many and therefore, it was high time, some emergent steps were taken to impart the importance of honesty, integrity and contentedness among the youth.



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