April 01 2020
Cabinet approves Phase II of rooftop solar programme
20 February 2019

Provides for 40% central funding for installations up to 3kW

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs on Wednesday approved Phase-II of the Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Programme that aims to achieve a cumulative capacity of 40,000 MW from rooftop solar projects by 2022.

The programme will be implemented with a total central financial support of ₹11,814 crore.

The Phase II programme provides for central financial assistance (for residential rooftop solar installations) up to 40% for rooftop systems up to 3kW and 20% for those with a capacity of 3-10kW. The second phase will also focus on increasing the involvement of the distribution companies (DISCOM).

“Performance-based incentives will be provided to DISCOMs based on RTS capacity achieved in a financial year [i.e. April 1 to March 31 every year till the duration of the scheme] over and above the base capacity, i.e., cumulative capacity achieved at the end of previous financial year,” the government said in a release.

Farmer security

In a separate decision, the Cabinet approved the launch of the Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan aimed at providing financial and water security to farmers.

Through the scheme, farmers will be given financial assistance to set up solar panels in their unused or fallow land.

“The scheme aims to add a solar capacity of 25,750 MW by 2022,” the government said. “The total central financial support provided under the scheme would be ₹34,422 crore.”



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