January 20 2020
‘Justice Ganguly may resign’
05 January 2014

Justice A.K. Ganguly, against whom a law intern has levelled sexual harassment charges, is contemplating resigning from the post of Chairperson of the West Bengal Human Rights Commission, according to the former Attorney General and senior advocate Soli Sorabjee.

Speaking to The Hindu, Mr. Sorabjee said Justice Ganguly had told him that he was under tremendous pressure from all quarters to step down and was thinking of resigning from the post. “I told him that it is the right decision,” Mr. Sorabjee said.

Justice Ganguly, who is in the capital, is expected to reach Kolkata on Monday and decide the next course of action. Indications are that he may send his resignation to the West Bengal Governor shortly. The Union Cabinet has already given its nod forPresidential Reference seeking his removal. It is expected to be sent to the Supreme Court later this week. It is unlikely that Justice Ganguly will face Presidential Reference as he may put in his papers before the court initiates the process.

PTI reports:

A three-judge Supreme Court panel had held that the statement of the intern, both written and oral, prima facie disclosed “an act of unwelcome behaviour” by Justice Ganguly in a hotel room on December 24 last year.

Justice Ganguly has denied the law intern’s allegations and accused “powerful interests” of trying to tarnish his image because of certain judgments he delivered.



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