June 04 2020
Kalam for special Parliament session to revive economy
04 September 2013

The former President, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, has called for a special session of Parliament to devise a plan for reviving the economy.

In an interview to The Hindu on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, he said the nation was going through a difficult economic situation that had caused despair among the youth. “This is the time Parliament should sit for a month-long session, without any walkout or protest, and discuss a plan of action to revive the economy…The legislature has to perform its duty at this crucial juncture.”

Urging Parliament to discuss a “vision to evolve a sustainable economy,” Mr. Kalam underscored the need to activate the minds of students and empower millions of youth who had a passion for transforming India into a developed nation. “I am/ confident that the nation is bigger than individuals, parties and organisations. If our Parliament evolves a grand vision keeping that in mind, we can realise our dream of making India a developed nation by 2020.”

Instead of mulling over what could be derived from foreign countries to improve the economy, India should evolve proactive policies through parliamentary vision. It should work on a mission to add value to the produce of farmers, besides implementing ‘Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas’ (PURA) projects.

Mr. Kalam said the small-scale industry should be empowered with adequate technology, soft loans and growth-oriented schemes. High-tension power grids should be built across the nation to curtail transmission/distribution losses and irrigation infrastructure should be created.

He said school education should be reformed as it lacked creativity. “Teachers, syllabus and classes should be creative… A reform in the area is very vital.”



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