June 01 2020
Where money matters a little less
19 July 2012

It is no more a matter of a big pay check, as a majority of Indian employees are willing to compromise on a heavy wallet provided they have job security and a pleasant working environment, according to a recent survey.

The Randstad Work Monitor Survey, a quarterly review on job market sentiments that was released on Wednesday, indicates that 82% of the employees surveyed in India attach a premium to pleasant colleagues. This ranks India as the second highest in the world after China and is well above the world average of 60%.

Noting that Indian employees are willing to compromise on salary for pleasant colleagues and job security, the survey said that people here ‘work to live rather than live to work’.

Mr. E. Balaji, MD & CEO, Randstad India said, “considering employees spend most of their hours at work, salary is often not enough to keep them happy at work. It is imperative for the HR managers to create a work environment with a sense of community."

However, about 68 per cent of those surveyed opined that a better salary was more important factor than enjoying the work they did.

The findings are based on at least 400 online interviews in each of the more than 32 countries covered including India. Meanwhile, 54 per cent of the respondents felt that their organisations' financial performance was currently under pressure. Curiously, this figure is slightly higher than 42 per cent people worldwide who felt the same way.

Income-based networking

While 8 out of every 10 respondents said that they meet their colleagues outside of work, analysis revealed that social networking amongst colleagues is highest (85 per cent) in the high income earners of over Rs. 10,00,000 per annum and least (50 per cent) amongst low income earners of less than Rs.90,000 per annum.

In general, building a social network with colleagues appears to grow with income.



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