January 18 2020
Reliance Industries proposes new plan to develop D-6 block
28 May 2012

MUMBAI: Having slapped an arbitration notice on the government for not allowing it to recover $1.5 billion of investments in the Krishna-Godavrai (KG) basin, Reliance Industries (RIL) has proposed to submit a new plan that envisages an integrated development approach for the entireD-6 block. 

"The new development plan will be ready by the last quarter of this fiscal. It will take at least two years to arrest the falling gas production after the development plan is approved by the government," said a person familiar with the matter without specifying exact time frame or the quantum of gas production. He also didn't elaborate on the cost of such a plan. "We will save at least $1 billion by this integrated block development approach...(that) is all I can say at this point of time," he said. 

Besides D-6, the new development plan is likely to include D-1, D-3, D-34 and R series fields, four satellite developments, NEC-25 and all other accumulations within the block. The new master plan has been prepared with the help of BP's technical expertise. 



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