May 25 2020
Gulf Air plane skids off runway at Kochi airport
28 August 2011

At least seven passengers were injured when a Gulf Air flight from Bahrain with 137 passengers on board, deviated from the runway just before landing at the nearby international airport early on Monday.

The runway has been closed for bigger aircraft following the incident, airport director A.C.K. Nair told PTI.

One passenger who was injured has been admitted to a nearby hospital and the others were discharged after first aid. It would take another 10 hours for the airport to be fully operational. However, smaller ATR aircrafts can land, he said

The Gulf Air flight GF 270 with six crew which deviated from the run way at 4.10 a.m. on Monday morning. Some passengers in panic, jumped down from the aircraft through the emergency door even before the ladder was brought to the flight, airport sources said.

Saithmohed (47) from Palakkad who suffered some fractures has been hospitalised.

According to sources, the mishap could have occurred due to heavy wind and rain at the time of landing of the aircraft.



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