December 11 2019
US facing stiff competition in jobs from India, China
30 June 2011

“The US is facing tough competition for 'good jobs' from emerging economies like India and China,” said President Barack Obama.

“We live in a world where America is facing stiff competition for good jobs from rapidly growing nations, like China and India and Brazil,” said Obama in his remarks at an event in Philadelphia.

“For a long time we were told the best way to win that competition is just to undermine consumer protections and undermine clean air laws and clean water laws and hand out tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires. That was the idea that held sway for close to a decade. And let's face it, it didn't work out very well,” he said.

Obama said that he believes in business and free markets. “But we also believe in making sure that every kid in this country has a chance. And we believe that our seniors deserve to retire with dignity and respect and have some semblance of security. We believe in making investments in science and technology. We believe in having the best infrastructure in the world. So the same things that worked for us in the past, that's what we need to be doing today,” said the US president.



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